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Bat research in Mulobezi District provides new distribution records

Bat research in Mulobezi District provides new distribution records

Recent research in Mulobezi District by the Livingstone Museum yielded at least 12 different species of bats, most of which are new records for the area. Bats are one of the most diverse group of mammals and they play an important role in the ecosystem. Fruit-eating bats help in seed dispersal, pollination and reforestation, while insect-eating bats help control various insect pests. There are nearly 80 different types of bats in Zambia, but a lot is still to be known about their distribution. The information collected will be added to the upcoming Atlas of Zambian Bats currently being prepared by the Mammalogy Section. The research team – Clare Mateke, Maggie Mwale and Kenneth Kambimbi – and the Livingstone Museum, are grateful to the local authorities in the area for allowing us to carry out this important research.

Angolan Free-tailed Bat
Setting up nets
Recording measurements of bats captured
Peters’ Epauletted Fruit Bat
Setting up nets
Variegated Butterfly Bat
Recording data from a captured bat
White-bellied Free-tailed Bat
Czech Museum signs co-operation agreement with Livingstone Museum

Czech Museum signs co-operation agreement with Livingstone Museum

Livingstone Museum welcomed His Excellency Milos Vystrcil, Speaker of the Senate of the Czech Republic, and his delegation during their tour of Czech-supported projects in Southern Province. The delegation, which was in the country to explore business opportunities, included five senators, Czech Ambassador to Zambia, the Director General of the National Museum of the Czech Republic and the Director of Naprstek Museum of Asian African and American Cultures in Prague. They were accompanied by the Minister of Southern Province, Honourable Credo Nanjuwa. The delegation was given a tour of the Museum by the Director, Mrs Victoria Chitungu. This was followed by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Livingstone Museum and the National National Museum of the Czech Republic, represented by the Director General, Dr. Michal LukeŇ°. The two museums agreed to cooperate in the areas of exhibitions, conferences, workshops and exchanging professionals, among others. Before leaving, the delegation laid wreaths at the statue of Czech explorer Emil Holub outside the Museum.

Temporary Closure

Please note that the Livingstone Museum will be closed to the public from 13hrs on Wednesday, 11th August to 9hrs on Monday, 16th August 2021.

We are open again!

After having closed on 18th June 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are happy to inform you that we are now open to the public again and you are all welcome to come and visit. However, note that public health measures including washing hands and wearing of masks will still be required for all visitors.

Temporary closure

Temporary closure

Please note that the Museum will be closed from 18th June 2021 until further notice due to the escalating number of COVID-19 cases.